Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mailbox Number Sign

Being a nurse I am very lucky in the sense that I get 8 straight days off every months, not to mention the 1 or 2 days I get off every week betweek the 3 night stretch I work.  As fun as the 8 days seems, with nothing to do theres really only a few options, spend money shopping, be lazy (which I am in no way able to do), or my favorite go to home depot & thrift stores and find ideas of stuff to do.  During my last 8 days I decided I wanted to make more decor stuff for our new place.  I walked around home depot for a while untill I came to the isle with the mailbox numbers.  I wasnt really sure what I wanted to do but I figured I would come up with something. 

I ended up screwing the numbers into a piece of wood that I had painted colors that match our room.  The numbers are our wedding date! I loved the way it turned out and decided to paint some canvases to match!


Kitchen Table

So before Justin and I got married I started stressing out about furniture.  Im sure everyone does becuase its crazy to think after you get married and your own place you obviously are going to need furniture...in EVERY room...and you cant take all of your parents! ha! So my best friend Rachel happened to be moving and no longer needed her Kitchen table- PERFECT!  The tabel was just a wood table with 4 upholstered chairs.  Now I am not really big into anything that looks wooden (or really brown in general).  So I decided we could paint it black and re-fabric the chairs my favorite color teal.  Well since we had to keep the table at my dads so we could redo it in his garage Justin and my dad really ended up doing more work on the table than I did.  The end product I loved and has worked great so far!!

Well, after only 4 months I changed my mind.  I decided I wanted the kitchen to have other colors also and the black and teal made that kinda hard.  So of course I decided to just redo the table.  Only this time Justin didnt want to help so much.  So for the past few weeks I have been sanding, stripping, (and drinking) away at this table.  Which let me tell you is not so fun in the recent 30 degree weather!

I couldnt really decide what colors I wanted to use, mainly because the Crate & Barrell kitchen decor that sparked this whole idea was all different colors.  SO i decided to have fun with it.  See the end product below.  I really am not too happy with it and will more than likely end up changing my mind about the chairs, but for now it will have to do,  I am so sick of sanding!!