Saturday, May 25, 2013

Packing for the hospital

Its getting so close to all of my prego friends due dates! I cant wait to meet all of Collins' sweet new friends! With that being said Ive told a few friends I would do a post on what to pack for the hospital.  There are a million different websites/blogs that will tell you about a million different things but these are what I considered a necessity or very helpful!

You really dont need too much for baby.  A few cute outfits for the hospital, some caps, and mittens.  Then obviously an adorable coming home outfit!  I also brought a some swaddle blankets (although you can use the ones at the hospital) and a baby blanket!  I know some people are anti paci however we were not and I adore wubbanubs-- Collins has 3 after I had a huge minor freakout when our dog got her first one that she had in the hospital.  Last, I know I have mentioned before I am a fan of the My breast friend over the boppy.  Personal preferance, but bring your nursing pillow if you are planning to breast feed. 
Lastly dont forget your carseat!! I reccomend having it installed and ready atleast by week 37 just incase!!

*Things not to bring-
diapers & wipes- the hospital will provide them so dont waiste yours!
baby shampoo/wash- again use the hospitals
baby toys-all they do is sleep :)

Most of the stuff you need to pack is for you!  Make sure you pack all of your toilitries-  go ahead and buy some so they are packed in your bag--dont plan on throwing them in before you leave.  I also reccomend dry shampoo and face wipes.  If your in labor for a while you will be glad you have those to refresh your look for first photos!  I never leave my house without at lease 2 packs of burts bees so obviously its on by list.  If you dont use it i reccomend packing some kind of chap stick.  Bring a pillow from home ( or 2 so hubby has one)  hospital pillows can kind of suck! 

Next is clothes for you.  Nursing bra & tanks are great! As far as other clothes I hate to tell you but you will still need maternity/stretchy clothes.  Sucks I know but dry it up because thats how it goes.  :)  Gap has some good comfy black workout pants and tanks/tops that are great!!. 

Last dont forget your baby book (or at least a few pages) so you can get foot and hand prints when the nurses have to right after delivery!!  Also your camera, an extra memory card, and CHARGERS!!..for your camera, ipad, phone, and anything else!! Nothing sucks worse than going through labor and not being able to take pics!!

I really hope this helps! I will update later and add some good ideas for dad's bag too!

Saturday, May 11, 2013 eyes and bouncing curls

Name that song!  If you are a Kenny Cheney fan like me you got it! There goes my life. That song came on. When I was headed home from a  hard on the heart night at work and that part couldn't have hit me harder. Let me just remind you to hold ypur sweet babies a little tighter tonight. Workimg in a prdiatric ER will quickly make you realize how lucky you are to have a health little one. 

Any ways! You see when I was pregnant I kept saying please let her get her daddy's blue eyes and curly hair. I have hair that won't hold curl at all! I got lucky because she ended up with both!  Here are some pics lately... 

Mother's Day with Gigi!

Hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous weather lately!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Paint Party Fun!

After getting some of the We Can Too edible finger paint I have been so excited about having a fun paint party with Collins.  Unfortunately they don't sell any edible finger paint around here and by the time I decided I wanted to paint I didn't have time to order it off of Amazon.  So Collins and I decided we would make our own edible paint and go to town.  Let me start off by saying edible is the key word here.  The second Collins saw the different colors in the bowls the first thing she said was "Mmmm" followed by her new lip smacking she does when she wants food.  (Its cute now... but smacking gets old... quick! ). 
See...she was most interested in eating it!  There are a ton of recipes for making edible paint on Pinterest and other blogs but I found most to be way to watery! So the recipe I used combined a few I found online & one from a friend, and then I changed things a little to make it thicker!

Edible Finger Paint:

◾2 cups of flour
◾1/2  cup of sugar
◾2 teaspoons of salt
◾1 cups cold water
◾1 cups hot water
◾Food Coloring
◾Small bowls
◾Paper (or canvases if you choose-- we did!)
* I also ended up adding about a half a cup of  corn starch to thicken it up

Slowly mix your flour, sugar, and salt into a bowl and stir in the cold water. Once it is mixed well, stir in the warm water. (After the warm water is when I added corn startch)  Divide the mixture into separate dishes and add 2-3 drops of food coloring per dish. Stir well until the color is the hue you wish it to be. 
The purple paint is the "We Can Too" paint we had and honestly after tasting it I am glad we didnt order more!  It tasted horrible!  Im not saying the homeade kind was delicious or anything but it was better!  Im planning on using our canvases as part of a fun mothers day surprise for Gigi & Nana.  Ill be sure to post those pics after Sunday.  Let me know if you use this recipe (or if you know any other fun paint recipes or ideas) we are always looking for fun toddler approved crafts. 

*Oh and Momma dont think your getting out of this clean! Make sure you & your babe wear clothes that are not important.. food coloring doesnt come out!*