Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ten eleven and twelve month fav's

I still can not believe I have a baby who is 12 months. Totally unreal! As she has gotten older and WAY more mobile her favorites and my favorites for her have began to differ. Hers have pretty much turned into anything she SHOULDN'T have such as: light sockets, electrical plugs, pennies (of course to put in her mouth).. And the list continues. My favorites for the month ( that she likes just not as much a the off limit items above) include:

1. mOmma sippy cup- now that we have transitioned to no bottles (3 days now!!) we had to find something for her to drink her milk out of. She won't drink it from the other sippy cups but drinks it great out of these! They have been a life save the past couple of days while she's been fussy at nap time and I would have loved to shove a bottle in her mouth give her a bottle.

2. Safesippy- As far as a water/ juice sippy cup this has been her favorite! The sippy cup transition has not been cheap easy for us and I'm pretty sure she has tried them all

3. playskools rocktivity sit, crawl, and stand- my mom got her this for Christmas and she LOVES it. She plays with it all the time and it is great for keeping her entertained.

4. Fisher price dance and sing puppy - when she's not dancing to the hotdog song the is dancing/ cracking up at this! Another Christmas present that has been a great toy for her!

5. Gerber toddler meals- trying to decide what to cook when feeding a new eater is HARD! Or maybe I just suck at it as bad as I have always sucked at coming up with meals for Justin and I. These have been great especially with our wacky schedules. With me working until 11 and Justin until 6-7 at night out dinners normally consist of fast food so this way she is actually getting a meal with veggies ( although she spits out every single pea or carrot. You can't even try to hide it in the other foods she will swallow everything else and then spit out the veggies. Well played baby girl)

6. The first years hands free baby gate- I know a lot of people that think they need to register and "baby proof" very early but the truth is until they are really crawling a walking there is no point. We have a bunch of different gates up throughout the house and this one is my fav! You jut have to push the foot step down and it opens the gate which is so much easier when you and carrying your babe and laundry or whatever and don't have a free hand to open the gate!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1st Birthday Celebration!

Well I can oficially say I have a 1 year old.  It still completly blows my mind that Collins is already 1 but she is turning in to such a little person and it is so much fun watching her little personality!  We celebrated her actual birthday on Wednesday at home.  Justin and I stayed up after her on Tuesday night and fiilled the entire upstairs full of balloons for when she woke up. 

She LOVED it! She had so much fun running from balloon to balloon trying to grab and kick them all.  We started the day off with sprinkle pancakes which she loved, followed by play time on her new slide. She is now a pro.. her favorite thing is trying to walk up the slide... Ill let ya know when we end up in the ER... I guess it's convenient that I work there?
The rest of her birthday was spent playing and doing last minute party prep. When I say last minute party prep that gives the illusion that I already had most of it done... Wrong. You see, I have this habit of thinking I can accomplish way to much a day or so before events. I really need to break that habit.

Originally I had planned on having a fun outdoor party with slides, painted pickin tables, and beer. That was all shot to hell when the forecast showed 70% chance of rain and 35 degree weather. I know I should have planned for bad weather but again preplanning is not really one of my strong points. So at about 10am we finally decides to set up everything inside INCASE it rained. ( INCASE your wondering no, of course it did not end up raining the entire time we had our indoor party. Cruel joke). My moms boyfriend had built me a fabric backdrop I wanted for pics that we had to cut down to be able to fit inside, the painted picnick tables (that Justin and I had argued about all week bc he is over my teal addiction) sat outside not used, and I was reminded my house is too small. With all of that said the party went great!! Mostly thanks to my 2 out of state friends and sick momma who came over to get my ass in hear and get everything set up! Collins had too much fun getting all the attention at one time and it was so much fun having all of my family and best friends there to celebrate such a fun day!

 She didnt have the face in cake reaction I was hoping for but after trying the cake I dont blame her.  The icing wasnt very good and the cake was hard so I dont blame her :(

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mommy vs. Nurse

I love my job.  Really, I do.  Do I some days wish I was a SAHM, definitely.  But I also love what I do.  I am a nurse and am so lucky to be able to help people in so many ways.  When I graduated nursing school I got my dream job, the one I wanted when I started nursing school.  The trauma & burn ICU at a big level 1magnet hospital.  Yes, like any job at times Im over it, but all in all I can not imagine not working with trauma.  When Collins was born something in me decided I wanted to work with kids.  Kids? Yes Kids.  This coming from the person who always said I could never work with them. Fast forward 6 months and I changed jobs to working in the Emergency Dept at Childrens Hospital.  I do still work part time on TBICU and am also a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) that works for rape response.  Although I do really miss being on TBI working in the ED with kids has taught me SO much, in regards to Collins.  I am a nurse but if I didnt work in the ED Im pretty sure we would have ended up there a couple of times due to me being a worried first time mom.  With that said I thought a blog post on some of the "medical issues" and answers might would be helpful to other first time mommas.

All in all we have been very lucky.  Collins has only gotten sick one time (when she ended up with RSV) and Im pretty sure it was my fault due to there being a million babies at work with it so Im sure I brought some germs home :( (Talk about feeling like shit for that one!)  So some of the issues Ill talk about that I have not actually had to deal with from the momma stand point. 

The first issue we had (and apparently a lot of people have) was was dealing with fussiness from gas/ constipation. I remember texting my mommy friends when Collins was a couple months old because she kept crying and drawing her legs up towards her stomach.  My friend told me they learned really quick to put gas drops in every bottle (breast milk and then formula).  This made all the difference for us.  Im pretty sure we bought all of the bottles target ever had for the first few months of formula feeding.  We also swapped to Similac sensitive formula (when I was no longer breastfeeding or using pumped milk).  One important thing about this is to remember just because your baby does not have poop for 1-2 days does NOT mean they are constipated and your need to go to the ER.  It seems weird when your baby goes from pooping after every single feeding to going a day or 2 in between but this can be normal.  If they seem fussy and are straining with out results that’s when you should try one of the following suggestion:
Feeding your baby a LITTLE bit of juice (prune especially) will also help with constipation.  Another remedy for constipation is Karo syrup.  (this one is mommy advice NOT nurse advice).  Although my pediatrician did tell me to put a little Karo in the bottle you should ask your first before you do so. 
Lastly pediatric glycerin suppositories will also help if your little one cant seem to get it out.  Again talk it over with your doctor. 
Respiratory issues are a BIG one with babies, and the most scary.  So we will start with the easy congestion/ runny nose issue.  If your baby has congestion the first 2 things your doc is going to tell you is to suction with a bulb syringe and saline and a humidifier in their room will help.  These are both very true.  However for whatever reason the bulb syringes are all too big for Collins' nose.  (maybe she has small nostrils?)  I bought the Nose frieda and it works WONDERS!  Yes it seems gross (and it is) because you hold it up to your little ones nose and suck in to pull out all the snot.  But there is a filter so nothing comes back in the line toward you!  I know it still sounds gross but it works. Babies naturally breath faster and are also nose breathers (unlike adults). Normal respiration for babies are:
0days-1wk-40-60 breaths per min
2-5year- 20-25/min  
If your baby is congested make sure you take that into account while feeding also.  If they have a bottle in their mouth and their nose is congested they can not breath! When they are congested you will have to take more frequent breaks during feeds so they can catch their breath!  Like you and I, no one wants to eat much when they feel like shit so keep that in mind too! As long as they are taking in enough to still be peeing then its ok that they aren’t drinking as much when they are sick.  When Collins got RSV and I called my pediatrician they reccomended I could get a "little dose" of delsym or Triamenic.. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!  I dont care if your pediatrician says its ok.  They meds in those can cause some very bad adverse reactions! There is a reason there is an age on the bottle...If it were safe for younger babies that would be the age!

**If your baby seems like it is really having trouble breathing, making weird noises, or looks like he is using a lot of his chest/stomach muscles to breath you need to get evaluated by your pediatrician!**

Like I just said you want your baby to still be peeing, regardless of if they are congested so they are not drinking as much, vomiting, or have diarrhea.  With that said if your little one does get a stomach but try to make them drink about 5ml of pedialyte or Gatorade every 5minutes. Don t try to make them drink w hole Gatorade because they will just throw it right back up and it will do no good.  5mls every 5min should be enough to keep em hydrated but not make them vomit. If they do throw up wait 15min and start again.  More than 6-8 hours without peeing consult your doc!

It sucks when your babe is sick.  There is nothing more heartbreaking and discouraging knowing there is nothing you can do to make them immediately better.  Just remember Tylenol(acetaminophen) ever 4 hours, Motrin(Ibuprofen) every 6(FOR BABIES OVER 6MONTHS), and we really consider it a fever once its 100.4.  Lower than that and you do not have to treat it, its your bodies way of trying to fight off something!  I have attatched a fever medicine dosage sheet below!  Hope this helps anyone with sick babies!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

7-9 monthly favorites

*Monthly Favorites*
1. Bright starts around we go- I mentioned this is my last monthly favs post but Collins really started using it a lot around 7months.  Since they no longer recommend using walkers this is a great alternative! Collins loved that she was actually standing "on her own" and learned how to move her feet to get somewhere!  This is also great for putting your little one in while you cook dinner or get stuff done because its entertaining and you dont have to worry about them crawling down the stairs or into things!
2.  4moms Breeze-  We started really using our Breeze around this time because like I said with Collins crawling she was into EVERYTHING.  You seriously can not turn your head without her being across the room into something.  I have recommended this play yard to EVERYONE. Its so much easier to put up/take down than other pack and plays! I thought I was going to have a hard time convincing Justin we really wanted needed this but after he put our original one up 1 time I didn't have to convince at all.  He hated trying to get the other put up!

3.Munchkin teething feeder-  These are great for your grumpy drooling teething babe! We put frozen strawberries in them and Collins would go to town!  The cold and hardness is great for making their mouths feet better and you dont have to worry about them choking on anything!

4.  Gerber cheese puffs- Collins can seriously eat an entire can of these at one time if we would let her.  She loves them.  You can also tell when her teeth are bothering her because she holds it with her hands and smacks down on it repeatedly on one tooth.

5. Knee pads- We got these after baby girl tried to crawl on the concrete outside and skinned up her knees. She would try to crawl inside the next couple of days and you could tell her knees hurt.  Baby legs are also good for this!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A trip down memory lane

Oh how things change in a year...

These are the last few days I get to say Collins is "almost" one. I still can't wrap my head around where this first year has gone. We are so lucky to have such an extremely happy baby. The child gets mad on stores when I won't let her stand up in the buggy to wave and smile at people, (and by smile I mean cheesin it up-stare at you-then mean mug you if you don't smile back kinda smile). It's adorable. We had her easter pictures this week with Meredith Rowlen and like always she did such an amazing job.
She wasnt so sure about real live bunnies..
or the headband from my favorite etsy shop Jamerson Monroe which didnt last past the 1st picture




Meredith is absolutely AMAZING. When I got pregnant I knew I had to use her because I have always seen and loved her pics! If there is one splurge when it comes to your baby it's pictures. They are all you will have to look back on as they grow. Here's a recap of some of my favorites:

She was sooooo Little :(
6 Month Pictures
I mean you cant get cuter than this...

This is my favorite of all of my pictures of her
Valentines Day Mini's

 I just absolutely can not wait to get her smash cake/ 1 year pictures taken with Meredith.  If anyone in Birmingham is EVER looking for a newborn photographer I can not even expain how happy you will be with Meredith!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's in my diaper bag

Picking out a diaper bag was one of my favorite things. They are your purse pretty much which is good because I don't stalk the purse isles of tj max anymore! I got two diaper bags before Collins was born (only because I could not decide on one) and it turned out to be the best idea. I got one Kalencom bag (bottom left) that I use most of the time. Its bigger and I can shove enough stuff in it to be gone all day and have enough with me. The other bag I got is a Bella Tuno (top right corner) and its more of a purse style bag (that I will totally use as a purse after Im done needing a diaper bag.) I use it when were going somewhere nice or when were dressed up/cute and won’t be gone as long (so I won’t need as much stuff.).  They both came with a small changing pad for on the go and a bottle holder thats insulated. What I carry in my bag has changed as she's gotten older so ill try to explain in stages. The first thing I learned was if you forget something one day that will be the one & only thing you need...and you will realize it when they are either putting on a shit show in the middle of a store because you cant find a pacifier/bottle or your walking through the mall holding your baby and they pee straight through their clothes and its running down YOUR legs! So my advice is you can NEVER have too much in your bag.. EVER!

Whats in my diaper bag...

1. Diapers & Wipes- 5-7 Diapers and a pack of wipes. If you will be gone a really long time pack more diapers (and just leave them in your car.)

2. Bottles & frozen breast milk or formula- I like to always have 2 bottles with me when I leave in the morning. If you are using formula I also recommend getting one of the formula dispensers so you will have it already scooped out and ready to pour into a bottle. This is not only lighter than carrying around a tub of formula but its quicker to make the bottle with a hungry baby!

3. Nursing Cover & Freezer pack- I know people say breastfeeding is natural and women should just feed in public where ever but just be nice and put a cover on? Its awkward walking into a bathroom in Macys and a woman is sitting on the couch with her top half off when the baby has finished and shes trying to get her bra back on. I breastfed so Im not saying anything is wrong with it Im just saying as cute as the covers are now just throw one in your bag. My pump came with a little travel freezer bag and I somehow ended up with like 3-4 others free from random things. You can throw your bottles already made up in the freezer or just your packs of frozen/ refrigerated breast milk so you can make a bottle on the go.

4.  1-2 changes of clothes. Ecspecially with a newborn! They spit up or have diaper explosions more often.  I always had 2 outfits in my bag and usually 1-2 in my car.  Now that Collins is a year old I usually only bring 1 outfit.

5. SMALL diaper rash creame- I love the Boudreaux's diaper rash cream.  We have been lucky and only had about 2 diaper rashes and they didnt even last a whole day when we used this stuff!

6. Infant tylenol (and motrin after 6monts)- Both of my diaper bags came with little small pouches you can take out.  I keep all medications in those bags.

7. Pacifier wipes- these work for pacifiers, toys, bottles, anything really.  Collins loves to play the game where she drops everything over and over again so we use these a lot!

8.  Pacifier (and an extra)- I dont know how these things get lost SO easily but they do.  We alaways have at least 2 wubbanubs with us.  Another good things about them is they are bigger and easier to find in the diaper bag!

9.Johnsons Hand and Face wipes- for all the messes someone so small and helpless seems to make

10. 2-3 burp cloths-  We used the recieving blankets or whatever for this also (becuase we literally had like 20-30 after showers and stuff) and always had a couple with us when Collins was a new born. She spit up a good bit (not projectile or reflux) just normal baby spit up.  We didnt put bibs on her at a newborn or really at all until she started actually eating.  Im sure some people do but to me bibs are pointless for newborns.  Now I bring 1-2 bibs and a burp cloth with me.

11. Blanket- I always had an Aden+Anis blanket with me when Collins was a newborn (shocking I know). They are great to use to bundle with when its cold ( As well as with a warmer thicker blanket) but are also light weight enough to use when its warm outside but you need the sun protection!

Now I personally also always have:
-a thermometer (but that could just be the nurse in me). 
-I also got an extra insurance card that stays in my diaper bag and any bag I give to anyone who is watching Collins (like my Aunt when I work).  That way if anything were to happen they would hopefully look and find her information. 
-a toy or two.  Sophie is normally with us and a few other things to keep her entertained.
-now I always have snacks
And the one thing that is ALWAYS with out fail in my bag.... My burts bees chap stick :)

Friday, March 1, 2013

What we love- months 4-5-&-6

Months 4-5-&-6

Sophie-around 4 months is when Collins started teething or at least putting everything in her mouth. I dot know why all babies love Sophie but they do! And she's adorable!

Comotomo Silicone Baby Teether- this little teething ring is great for little fingers to be able to hold onto to use! For whatever reason Collins loves to chew on her own fingers and the little parts of this are about the same size so she loves this! It's also easy to find in the bottom of a diaper bag!

Munchkin spoon tips- we use these more than the boon spoon (which is great for traditional food jars) because it was easier to buy the pouch foods and just attach these! Great for on the go too!!

Breathable mesh bumper- since your not suppose to use bumpers anymore ( which really helps lower your bedding price!) these are perfect! I didn't realize we would need anything until Collins started rolling from front to back or vise versa. One night I heard the loudest scream ever from her and ran in to find her chubby little leg stuck in between the bars or her crib from her trying to roll over and getting stuck! These help prevent that and are still safe! They come in cute designs now too!

BIBS- you will need a million of these when you first start feeding your little one baby food. It's insane how messy it is! We started off buying bibs wherever we found cute ones ( like these Aden & anis) but I eventually wanted bibs to certain outfits. You can find them here in my etsy shop! And if you want a certain fabric just let me know!

Excesaucer- You can really get any of the million different brands/ types. I think the excesaucers are great at first and are a good place to be able to put your baby in to run to the bathroom or whatever However I will say around 6-7 months we got the bright starts around we go and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I really think it helps them walk faster!! I could only find in on but I definitely recommend it!