Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's in my diaper bag

Picking out a diaper bag was one of my favorite things. They are your purse pretty much which is good because I don't stalk the purse isles of tj max anymore! I got two diaper bags before Collins was born (only because I could not decide on one) and it turned out to be the best idea. I got one Kalencom bag (bottom left) that I use most of the time. Its bigger and I can shove enough stuff in it to be gone all day and have enough with me. The other bag I got is a Bella Tuno (top right corner) and its more of a purse style bag (that I will totally use as a purse after Im done needing a diaper bag.) I use it when were going somewhere nice or when were dressed up/cute and won’t be gone as long (so I won’t need as much stuff.).  They both came with a small changing pad for on the go and a bottle holder thats insulated. What I carry in my bag has changed as she's gotten older so ill try to explain in stages. The first thing I learned was if you forget something one day that will be the one & only thing you need...and you will realize it when they are either putting on a shit show in the middle of a store because you cant find a pacifier/bottle or your walking through the mall holding your baby and they pee straight through their clothes and its running down YOUR legs! So my advice is you can NEVER have too much in your bag.. EVER!

Whats in my diaper bag...

1. Diapers & Wipes- 5-7 Diapers and a pack of wipes. If you will be gone a really long time pack more diapers (and just leave them in your car.)

2. Bottles & frozen breast milk or formula- I like to always have 2 bottles with me when I leave in the morning. If you are using formula I also recommend getting one of the formula dispensers so you will have it already scooped out and ready to pour into a bottle. This is not only lighter than carrying around a tub of formula but its quicker to make the bottle with a hungry baby!

3. Nursing Cover & Freezer pack- I know people say breastfeeding is natural and women should just feed in public where ever but just be nice and put a cover on? Its awkward walking into a bathroom in Macys and a woman is sitting on the couch with her top half off when the baby has finished and shes trying to get her bra back on. I breastfed so Im not saying anything is wrong with it Im just saying as cute as the covers are now just throw one in your bag. My pump came with a little travel freezer bag and I somehow ended up with like 3-4 others free from random things. You can throw your bottles already made up in the freezer or just your packs of frozen/ refrigerated breast milk so you can make a bottle on the go.

4.  1-2 changes of clothes. Ecspecially with a newborn! They spit up or have diaper explosions more often.  I always had 2 outfits in my bag and usually 1-2 in my car.  Now that Collins is a year old I usually only bring 1 outfit.

5. SMALL diaper rash creame- I love the Boudreaux's diaper rash cream.  We have been lucky and only had about 2 diaper rashes and they didnt even last a whole day when we used this stuff!

6. Infant tylenol (and motrin after 6monts)- Both of my diaper bags came with little small pouches you can take out.  I keep all medications in those bags.

7. Pacifier wipes- these work for pacifiers, toys, bottles, anything really.  Collins loves to play the game where she drops everything over and over again so we use these a lot!

8.  Pacifier (and an extra)- I dont know how these things get lost SO easily but they do.  We alaways have at least 2 wubbanubs with us.  Another good things about them is they are bigger and easier to find in the diaper bag!

9.Johnsons Hand and Face wipes- for all the messes someone so small and helpless seems to make

10. 2-3 burp cloths-  We used the recieving blankets or whatever for this also (becuase we literally had like 20-30 after showers and stuff) and always had a couple with us when Collins was a new born. She spit up a good bit (not projectile or reflux) just normal baby spit up.  We didnt put bibs on her at a newborn or really at all until she started actually eating.  Im sure some people do but to me bibs are pointless for newborns.  Now I bring 1-2 bibs and a burp cloth with me.

11. Blanket- I always had an Aden+Anis blanket with me when Collins was a newborn (shocking I know). They are great to use to bundle with when its cold ( As well as with a warmer thicker blanket) but are also light weight enough to use when its warm outside but you need the sun protection!

Now I personally also always have:
-a thermometer (but that could just be the nurse in me). 
-I also got an extra insurance card that stays in my diaper bag and any bag I give to anyone who is watching Collins (like my Aunt when I work).  That way if anything were to happen they would hopefully look and find her information. 
-a toy or two.  Sophie is normally with us and a few other things to keep her entertained.
-now I always have snacks
And the one thing that is ALWAYS with out fail in my bag.... My burts bees chap stick :)


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