Sunday, March 17, 2013

7-9 monthly favorites

*Monthly Favorites*
1. Bright starts around we go- I mentioned this is my last monthly favs post but Collins really started using it a lot around 7months.  Since they no longer recommend using walkers this is a great alternative! Collins loved that she was actually standing "on her own" and learned how to move her feet to get somewhere!  This is also great for putting your little one in while you cook dinner or get stuff done because its entertaining and you dont have to worry about them crawling down the stairs or into things!
2.  4moms Breeze-  We started really using our Breeze around this time because like I said with Collins crawling she was into EVERYTHING.  You seriously can not turn your head without her being across the room into something.  I have recommended this play yard to EVERYONE. Its so much easier to put up/take down than other pack and plays! I thought I was going to have a hard time convincing Justin we really wanted needed this but after he put our original one up 1 time I didn't have to convince at all.  He hated trying to get the other put up!

3.Munchkin teething feeder-  These are great for your grumpy drooling teething babe! We put frozen strawberries in them and Collins would go to town!  The cold and hardness is great for making their mouths feet better and you dont have to worry about them choking on anything!

4.  Gerber cheese puffs- Collins can seriously eat an entire can of these at one time if we would let her.  She loves them.  You can also tell when her teeth are bothering her because she holds it with her hands and smacks down on it repeatedly on one tooth.

5. Knee pads- We got these after baby girl tried to crawl on the concrete outside and skinned up her knees. She would try to crawl inside the next couple of days and you could tell her knees hurt.  Baby legs are also good for this!


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