Sunday, March 10, 2013

A trip down memory lane

Oh how things change in a year...

These are the last few days I get to say Collins is "almost" one. I still can't wrap my head around where this first year has gone. We are so lucky to have such an extremely happy baby. The child gets mad on stores when I won't let her stand up in the buggy to wave and smile at people, (and by smile I mean cheesin it up-stare at you-then mean mug you if you don't smile back kinda smile). It's adorable. We had her easter pictures this week with Meredith Rowlen and like always she did such an amazing job.
She wasnt so sure about real live bunnies..
or the headband from my favorite etsy shop Jamerson Monroe which didnt last past the 1st picture




Meredith is absolutely AMAZING. When I got pregnant I knew I had to use her because I have always seen and loved her pics! If there is one splurge when it comes to your baby it's pictures. They are all you will have to look back on as they grow. Here's a recap of some of my favorites:

She was sooooo Little :(
6 Month Pictures
I mean you cant get cuter than this...

This is my favorite of all of my pictures of her
Valentines Day Mini's

 I just absolutely can not wait to get her smash cake/ 1 year pictures taken with Meredith.  If anyone in Birmingham is EVER looking for a newborn photographer I can not even expain how happy you will be with Meredith!


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