Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ten eleven and twelve month fav's

I still can not believe I have a baby who is 12 months. Totally unreal! As she has gotten older and WAY more mobile her favorites and my favorites for her have began to differ. Hers have pretty much turned into anything she SHOULDN'T have such as: light sockets, electrical plugs, pennies (of course to put in her mouth).. And the list continues. My favorites for the month ( that she likes just not as much a the off limit items above) include:

1. mOmma sippy cup- now that we have transitioned to no bottles (3 days now!!) we had to find something for her to drink her milk out of. She won't drink it from the other sippy cups but drinks it great out of these! They have been a life save the past couple of days while she's been fussy at nap time and I would have loved to shove a bottle in her mouth give her a bottle.

2. Safesippy- As far as a water/ juice sippy cup this has been her favorite! The sippy cup transition has not been cheap easy for us and I'm pretty sure she has tried them all

3. playskools rocktivity sit, crawl, and stand- my mom got her this for Christmas and she LOVES it. She plays with it all the time and it is great for keeping her entertained.

4. Fisher price dance and sing puppy - when she's not dancing to the hotdog song the is dancing/ cracking up at this! Another Christmas present that has been a great toy for her!

5. Gerber toddler meals- trying to decide what to cook when feeding a new eater is HARD! Or maybe I just suck at it as bad as I have always sucked at coming up with meals for Justin and I. These have been great especially with our wacky schedules. With me working until 11 and Justin until 6-7 at night out dinners normally consist of fast food so this way she is actually getting a meal with veggies ( although she spits out every single pea or carrot. You can't even try to hide it in the other foods she will swallow everything else and then spit out the veggies. Well played baby girl)

6. The first years hands free baby gate- I know a lot of people that think they need to register and "baby proof" very early but the truth is until they are really crawling a walking there is no point. We have a bunch of different gates up throughout the house and this one is my fav! You jut have to push the foot step down and it opens the gate which is so much easier when you and carrying your babe and laundry or whatever and don't have a free hand to open the gate!


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