Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1st Birthday Celebration!

Well I can oficially say I have a 1 year old.  It still completly blows my mind that Collins is already 1 but she is turning in to such a little person and it is so much fun watching her little personality!  We celebrated her actual birthday on Wednesday at home.  Justin and I stayed up after her on Tuesday night and fiilled the entire upstairs full of balloons for when she woke up. 

She LOVED it! She had so much fun running from balloon to balloon trying to grab and kick them all.  We started the day off with sprinkle pancakes which she loved, followed by play time on her new slide. She is now a pro.. her favorite thing is trying to walk up the slide... Ill let ya know when we end up in the ER... I guess it's convenient that I work there?
The rest of her birthday was spent playing and doing last minute party prep. When I say last minute party prep that gives the illusion that I already had most of it done... Wrong. You see, I have this habit of thinking I can accomplish way to much a day or so before events. I really need to break that habit.

Originally I had planned on having a fun outdoor party with slides, painted pickin tables, and beer. That was all shot to hell when the forecast showed 70% chance of rain and 35 degree weather. I know I should have planned for bad weather but again preplanning is not really one of my strong points. So at about 10am we finally decides to set up everything inside INCASE it rained. ( INCASE your wondering no, of course it did not end up raining the entire time we had our indoor party. Cruel joke). My moms boyfriend had built me a fabric backdrop I wanted for pics that we had to cut down to be able to fit inside, the painted picnick tables (that Justin and I had argued about all week bc he is over my teal addiction) sat outside not used, and I was reminded my house is too small. With all of that said the party went great!! Mostly thanks to my 2 out of state friends and sick momma who came over to get my ass in hear and get everything set up! Collins had too much fun getting all the attention at one time and it was so much fun having all of my family and best friends there to celebrate such a fun day!

 She didnt have the face in cake reaction I was hoping for but after trying the cake I dont blame her.  The icing wasnt very good and the cake was hard so I dont blame her :(


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