Thursday, January 27, 2011

So I decided to start a blog...

I have to clue what made me finally give in and start a blog... I have been making fun of my best friend Alissa for months after starting her's (see picture below and you can go to her blog by clicking here)

and then finally after snooping around and becoming addicted to keeping up with blogs of people I dont know I just gave in.  Well actually, I think part of it has to do with being bored.  My Husband, Justin has been in the hospital since last Thursday and the whole time Ive just been sitting in his room on my computer looking at blogs for craft Ideas! (Hes been sleeping most of the time.. I didnt mean Ive not been helping with him too!! :) )

So anyways, about me- My name is Brandi King, I recently graduated from nursing school, got a job, and married the most amazing person ever!  Justin & I live in Alabama with our dog, Turner (who I am just a little obsessed with) and are having such a fun time getting our life together started.  With that said, We are doing that on a newleywed budget.. That is where this blog comes in!  It seems there are so many creative people with such fun ideas to share that decorating our new home will not be hard at all, actually it will be fun.  I am slightly addicted to going through the thrift stores and such looking for furniture or other craft ideas I can redo for our house.  I hope I am able to figure our this whole blog thing so if anyone has any pointers/ suggestions please let me know. 



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