Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thrift store mirror

So a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to start doing more furniture decorating.  My husband Justin said i should start with something small so I would finish it before I decided to start on something else.  Enter the Salvation Army store.  I LOVE this place! They have the best furniture to redo and alot of times when you go in there all the furniture is an extra 50% off.  I found this mirror and decided it would be fun and had potential.
I started off just sanding it down and then decided to paint it white.  I wanted to use the tile things you can get from hobby lobby to help decorate the top but they are like 5$ for a small pack.. and at that price the mirror would have ended up costing more than I wanted to spend!

So after a little while it finally hit me.   I could use ANY tiles.  Thats when I decided to go to Lowes and get the tiles.  I love the way this mirror ended up-- the only problem is its VERY heavy & the townhome we are renting may not have the walls to hold it up.. and I dont really wanna find out the hard way.  So for now i have it in the living room leaning on the wall. 

Have a good rest of the weekend!


Anne said...

Cute! I love the tile- nice addition.

Stacy said...

How creative to use tiles!!! I love it :)

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