Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sorry Ive been MIA!

My computer crashed! With that being said, its been hard to blog because I hate using my cell and adding the photos since I can't move them around. Oh we'll enough whining.. My amazing uncle fixed it so now I have it back! We have been absolutely crazy in our house since CK turned 1. I swear since that week she is NON STOP & into EVERYTHING.  Im pretty sure shes trying to figure out a way to go with momma to work (you know the ER at childrens hospital).  We have been lucky and had amazing weather lately (except this weekend). Collins and I have spent most of my off days at the park which she loves.  Ecspecially trying to run UP the slides. Like I said.. trying to go to mommas work.  Here are a few snap shots from our park trips lately. 
With all this warm sunny weather (again, except this weekend) I've been stocking up on stuff for summer lately also. had a sale going on 2 weeks ago & we got saltwater sandals for $17.00! These things are adorable and great for a new walker runner! I've also been told I'm not allowed to buy anymore swimsuits after the 17 I've bought (but until gap and old navy quit coming out with new ones thats not going to happen)! 

Gap ruffle skirt
(Some of my swim suits for this year... I have a problem. I know. They are just so cute!)


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