Friday, July 26, 2013

Trip to Boston

I know... I've been absent for a while but I really am going to try to be better about keeping up with this blog!  We've had a busy summer and as much as everyone else is ready for fall I personally would live in summer all year. Although I would have to find a way p still have a use for baby uggs because I may have a slight addiction. 

Last weekend my dad was traveling to Boston for the Yankees vs Red Sox game so of course Collins and I HAD to go. (Justin still isn't over it.  He had to work). So when I initially decided I would bring Collins along I knew it was going to be a complete shit show flying with a non stop 16month old who hates nothing more than sitting and being confined. Challenge accepted. 
I spent nights on google, Pinterest, and blogs looking for tips or flying with a toddler. Most advice I found was common sense ( it seemed) or completely unrealistic. 

The things I found most helpful for traveling with a toddler 

1. Gogo Babyz-  this thing was a life saver for carrying her car seat through airports. Now if you google it you'll see people using it and their child sitting in the car seat also being easily toted along. Ha! Yea right! However it is a million times easier using this since you are not suppose to check your car seat. ( doing so risk it being damage te same way it would be in a car wreck by being thrown around by the baggage people. HONESTLY you are suppose to buy a seat for your child and use your car seat. I didn't have an extra 700$ for a ticket for Collins and under 2 they fly free in your lap so that is why we did.) 

2. iPad- great for keeping her entertained on the flight. I bought a few games/ Disney movies the night before on it and she was set! 

3. Benadryl-  yes I used it to make ER sleepy. It worked. ( a doctor from the ER I work in recommended it so no I do not feel bad) I will say though make sure you know your getting on the plane before giving it! I gave it 30 min before boarding our first flight home and the second she swallowed they announced my flight was delayed and I had to get redirected to make it home. So they I had to go wait in the customer service line with a drowsy baby with WAY to much to look at I be able to go to sleep. So of course that makes for a very cranky LOUD ass child. From then on out every single flight home was delayed. We didn't get home until 1 am and it was HORRIBLE! So make sure you will be taking off before giving it! 

4. Books- Collins can look through the same boom for hours just turn it upside down, backwards, or sideways and she's entertained! I brought 2-3 THIN and light books with me. 

5. Sippy cup- I heard getting them to drink during take off helped with ears popping. I had her drink at every take off and she never seemed bothered at all. Just don't forget you can not bring liquids through security so you will have to buy the liquid for the soppy cup once you have been through security. 

6.  I bought a new bag/ purse what was smaller than my diaper bag and easy to carry on for the flight. One that was cross body so I would easily be able to use it while carrying Collins and pulling a car seat. I got this bag but you get te idea :)



Some of the best advice I got was from Jessica at little baby garvin. She recommended not boarding first whe they say people with small children can. We waited and were the last to board every single flight! I let Collins run around while everyone else boarded then we hopped on last so he wasn't already bored by the time we took off.  This was really the best advice I got!  
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions. 


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