Friday, May 10, 2013

Paint Party Fun!

After getting some of the We Can Too edible finger paint I have been so excited about having a fun paint party with Collins.  Unfortunately they don't sell any edible finger paint around here and by the time I decided I wanted to paint I didn't have time to order it off of Amazon.  So Collins and I decided we would make our own edible paint and go to town.  Let me start off by saying edible is the key word here.  The second Collins saw the different colors in the bowls the first thing she said was "Mmmm" followed by her new lip smacking she does when she wants food.  (Its cute now... but smacking gets old... quick! ). 
See...she was most interested in eating it!  There are a ton of recipes for making edible paint on Pinterest and other blogs but I found most to be way to watery! So the recipe I used combined a few I found online & one from a friend, and then I changed things a little to make it thicker!

Edible Finger Paint:

◾2 cups of flour
◾1/2  cup of sugar
◾2 teaspoons of salt
◾1 cups cold water
◾1 cups hot water
◾Food Coloring
◾Small bowls
◾Paper (or canvases if you choose-- we did!)
* I also ended up adding about a half a cup of  corn starch to thicken it up

Slowly mix your flour, sugar, and salt into a bowl and stir in the cold water. Once it is mixed well, stir in the warm water. (After the warm water is when I added corn startch)  Divide the mixture into separate dishes and add 2-3 drops of food coloring per dish. Stir well until the color is the hue you wish it to be. 
The purple paint is the "We Can Too" paint we had and honestly after tasting it I am glad we didnt order more!  It tasted horrible!  Im not saying the homeade kind was delicious or anything but it was better!  Im planning on using our canvases as part of a fun mothers day surprise for Gigi & Nana.  Ill be sure to post those pics after Sunday.  Let me know if you use this recipe (or if you know any other fun paint recipes or ideas) we are always looking for fun toddler approved crafts. 

*Oh and Momma dont think your getting out of this clean! Make sure you & your babe wear clothes that are not important.. food coloring doesnt come out!*


Mandy Dupree said...

I seriously cannot wait for Jaxon to be old enough to do arts and crafts w me! This looks like so much fun! And look at you being all homemaker and doing your own paint! I never would have thought about "edible" paint! Pound on that one!

Looks like Collins had a blast! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day girl! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

i also saw on tv in john n kate +8 they food colored vanilla pudding fun n yummy n its thick

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this fun idea. M baby girl will abso. love this!

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