Monday, February 25, 2013

It hurts! (And other things you never hear before baby is born)

I got this text from one of my pregnant friends this morning....

So I figured I'd make a post for all my first time momma to be's! I get that it should be common sense that giving birth hurts, I mean your pushing a human out of you but for some reason you never hear anyone talk about it, or about any of the other sucky parts. What You do hear is "once you see your baby you forget all the pain" and shit like that. Now I'm not saying seeing Collins for the first time wasn't the best minute of my life but that minute didn't make it any easier trying to pee, sit down, or walk for the next month.  The truth is it HURTS.. bad.  I luckily had benadryl during my entire 18 hour labor due to uncontrollable itching so I was kind of sleepy once I was actually pushing.  I do however remember my nurse kept telling me "Only 2 more pushes" (multiple times to which I finally responded-- Just stop saying that shit. you have said 2 more pushed 10 **** times) and what REALLY pissed me off was her saying "Your doing good pushing but push down here"  (I finally responded "I can only push one way stop telling me to ******** push somewhere different!")  So yes the actual birth part hurts but honestly in my opinion the next few weeks hurt worse.  I cried everytime I had to pee for at least 2 weeks after giving birth, went through at least 5 packs of pads, and will never understand how in the hell people get pregnant 6 weeks after giving birth (or 6months honestly).   Here are some things that the new momma needs when she gets home to help make things a LITTLE easier.

1. They give you this spray for after the baby and it REALLY helps! It's the same stuff you use for sunburns. I would go ahead and have a few bottles at your house before you go to the hospital... running out of the bottle from the hospital when you get home and sending your hubs to get some is the longest grocery/ drug store run of your life. 

2.  This spray bottle or whatever its called.. is AMAZINGGGGGG.  All you do is fill it with warm water and use it when your peeing or anything and it makes everything feel a million times better.

3. Yes maxi pads.  I know you figured your would never use one of these again after 8th grade but SUPRISE. your going to bleed.. a lot.. for a long while.  They told me clots were fine as long as they are smaller than an egg.  Yep an egg... an egg size clot is HUGE however so is something half the size of an egg. I went through what felt like 20 packs of maxi pads but just know it will stop.

4. Belly band- this is great for getting your belly back down! I wish I would have known this before Collins was born! I had to order mine a week or two after she was born so I recommend having it In your bag for the hospital!

These are just things I wish I would have at least been prepared for so hopefully I've helped prepare all my prego friends!


sara said...

Ah, SUCH a helpful post! Bookmarking now and will be getting every single one of these things within the next three months before I'm due!

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