Thursday, February 21, 2013

Preparing for March

I can not believe my little girl is 11 months old today.  Im officially depressed that this is the last "monthly" birthday. Time needs to slow the hell down! Collins has started to have such her own little personality now and is so much fun to be with.  Shes walking to get to where she wants to go now more than crawling, loves to shaker her head no, and still has her own screwy sleep schedule.  Justin and I were so pumped when Collins was a newborn and an AMAZING sleeper.  However fastforward to 7 months and I dont know what happened but the girl can not make up her mind about where, when, or how long to sleep.  The only constant in her sleep schedule is she will NOT ever, EVER sleep past 645.  Not happening.  and if she makes it to 645 were lucky.  Its a good thing I dont require much sleep either!

March is going to be such a busy month for us! We have My cousing baby shower for baby Hayden, then Alissas baby shower in Nashville for miss Emmeline, St. Patricks day, BABY GIRLS 1st BIRTHDAY, and then Easter.  Not to mention working so Im trying to go ahead and get started on things so im not running around last minute stressed out (which I am sure will happen anyways).  This morning I went ahead and ordered a lot of her Easter stuff since I have a feeling that will be what sneaks up on me since Ill be busy with everything else. Valentines snuck up on me and I ended up at buybuybaby at 9pm on the 13th.   So im trying to go ahead and have Easter in the works.  There is so much cute stuff.. and then all the cute My First Easter stuff makes me want to cry because it will be the 1st not her 1st holiday (if that makes since).  Since her bithday is the week before Im not buying many toys for easter becuase Im sure our house will be full of them!

2.Basket (same as last year)
5. Mud Pie outfit for our Easter pics with Meredith Rowlen
6.Aden+Anis hooded bath towel- baby girl needs a new bigger towel!
8.straw sippy cup- really why not try another? Its cute spring colors too
9.Tiny Toms- These are my favorite baby shoes! so dang cute!


Mandy said...

I cannot believe she is already almost 1! Love the basket goodies, we have similar items for Jax {including the adorable Pottery Barn basket!}

But hey, you can NEVER have TOO many toys :)

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