Monday, February 18, 2013

Ready for spring...

The weather here has completly sucked the past few days.  Non stop cold rain, or just being cold is no kind of weather for an extremly grumpy/ active almost 1 year old  10 month old. (Im not ready to say 1 year old yet)  With all the rainy weather we have pretty much been staying inside and doing more hard core 1st birthday party planning, crafting, or going shopping. 

Have I mentioned that I have a HORRIBLE addiction to baby gap, zulily, and (the worst) swim suits for Collins.  When I say my swim suit addiction is bad...I bought 3 the day we found out we were having a girl.  So since about september of last year have been starting this seasons swim suit collection for Collins.  Heres what I have so far.
Most are from baby gap and the others are target, oldnavy, and zulily.
Yes 10 and its only Febuary.. I guess I understand why justin rolls his eyes everytime I show him a new one I have just bought.  Oh well..the girl needs her summer style!

The birthday planning is going good...except for one thing.  Im honestly not sure if pinterest is such a good idea.  There are just SO many fun/cute ideas thats its really hard to decide which ones to use.  I had this same problem when I was plannins our nursery.  So many cute ones to choose from with so many different colors schemes, decor, and ideas that it is way overwhelming!  As much as I love pinterest thank God it wasnt around when I was planning our wedding! Im not sure if I could have ever decided on anything!!  So back to the birthday, I have printed the invitations...

How cute?! I actually bought these blank at michaels (in the clearance isle!!) and printed them myself.  I tried to explain to Justin that I had just saved us 50-75$ but he didnt seem too immpressed.  I think its because he doesnt consider it "saving us money" when its not something I really had to spend money on, such a mans way of thinking.  I got the idea for the invites from spearmintbaby and fell in love with her invites! beyond the invited I am just trying to decide what else I want to do for the party. I do know I am in search of an old wooden high chair! If anyone has one please let me know.  I have seen some on CL but they are all 70$ and up and I honestly see no point in throwing away that money. 
We also celebrated Collins' first valentines day this year and had amazing valentines pictures taken by Meredith Rowlen.  We have used her for all of our pictures of Collins and I honestly done think you can find a more amazing photographer.  She is amazing with newborns and can also snap good pics of little ones that are impossible to make sit down ( like Collins).  Here are a few pics from our photo shoot...

adorable.. I know ;) 
Collins is now walking EVERYWHERE, non stop. Its so fun watching her grow and how her personality has changed! I got so sad right before valentines day because now St. Patrick’s Day will be her last 1st holiday..! The good new is we will be in Nashville that day to celebrate my best friend Alissa's baby that is Due in June! Alissa is having a girl also so I cant wait for them to grow up together!
Well I just got home from a long day of work so Im going to hit the bead and get ready to do it all over again tomorrow.  


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