Friday, February 8, 2013

What we love...Months 1-3

Beyond what you register for and get at showers you will realize really quick you need more stuff (ok in my case its want most of the time).  Here are some things we found helpful for  months 1-3.

1. wubbanub-  I CAN NOT believe I forgot this in my registry list because this has been by our side since the day Collins was born!  I know they say not to use a paccifire if you plan on breastfeeding but we did and she was still able to breast feed.  It depends on your little one I guess.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE our wubbanub- so much he has a name.  Meet George (we got sick of saying Wheres the wubbanub so now we can just ask about George).  These come in so many cute animals-- we now also have an elephant, duck, and dog.  These help so much when the pacci wont stay in their mouths becuase the animals help and
then when they get to where they can actually try putting the paci in its a lot easier to find.
2. Serenity Star- this was also on my registry post but it is great.  I didnt get it until after I had quit breastfeeding but it would have been so nice having this to use for remembering what side you last fed on.
5.Activity/tummy time mat- You wont use the "activity" part really this young but if you go ahead and get this kind that also comes with the tummy time pillow or whatever. 
**Keep in mind if your child HATES tummy time and only screams the only time they will still end up rolling over and crawling.  We still tried tummy time just bc all the books say to but Collins hated it and wouldnt last longer than 1 minute.**
7.Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper- This is great for breastfeeding those early days because you dont have to get up for feedings you can just pick up your pumpkin right beside you but it has the metal surounding it so you wont be too scared you will roll over on them.
8.Swaddle blankets- Initally we used the blankets from the hospital because the aden + anis ones are kind of big but after about a month the aden and anis ones were my favorite becuase they get super tight. 
**Also when your little one gets a little older and starts being able to kick their arms and feet out of the swaddle check out this video it is an AMAZING way to keep swaddleing a little longer (aka keeps sleeping a little better longer)**
11.Chicco Fun Travel Activity Nest- I forgot this on the registry list but this was our life saver for Collins' first summer.  We could bring this by the pool and she would sleep in it or play with the toys.  She loved it and it kept her out of the sun! We also brought it with us to the beach when she was around 5 months and it also worked great. 12. 4moms faucet cover- this comes in the 4moms bath I mentioned earlier but INCASE you chose to get a different bath this faucet cover is a life saver for telling you the temp of the bath water!! It's scary hot hot water is that doesn't feel too hot!!
It also works as a teething toy in our house?! Whatever works right?


katie ridings said...

Matthew hated those pacis!! no idea why, he is like the only child who didnt like them lol!! We loved the bumbo, swaddles, breast friend during that time :)!!

Mandy said...

I have been wondering if Jaxon would like those Wubanub pacis, but honestly I have no idea. He rarely takes a paci anymore and I really dont want to waste my money if he doesn't want it, but they are SO stinkin cute!

I also wish I would have purchased one of those swings, but I think it is almost too late now. :(

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