Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Trying to Transition to Sippy Cups

I have been buying Collins sippy cups pretty much any time I see cute ones at target for about 2 months now. This has been pretty pointless since she seems to be totally un interested in them at all.

(This is just some of the cups we have tried)
Well we went to her doctor yesterday for her 10 month check up ( she has Bronchiolitis when we were supposed to go for the 9m) and her doc told us to go ahead and try to get her transitioned to sippy cups. Too bad Collins didn't understand the doc saying that because she is a girl and we all know they listen better to other people then their mamas. Ha! So I went to target AGAIN and this time I think I have actually found one she will use!!

The mOmma Spill proof cup at Target is actually working. So far atleast. 
There is also the whole drink set that can go from a bottle to sippy cup to straw cup.  Pretty cool idea!
And be honest these cups are a lot cuter than most sippy cups you find.
She seems to be able to figure out how to actually get the drink out of this cup but I still dont feel like shes really crazy about the whole sippy cup idea... Do you have any suggestions for how to transitions to sippy cups??


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