Friday, January 25, 2013

What to register for (II)


My breast friend- now I know everyone will tell you to get a boppy for breast feeding but the “My breast friend” is a million times better. It is more firm so it actually holds baby up a lot better.

Medela pump in style- I only used this kind so I cant say it works any better or worse than any others however I loved this breast pump and it worked great. I got the tote style so no one even noticed when I carried it in to work. Just go ahead and buy extra tubing, shields, etc to you wont feel like you have to spend even more time washing them since you have an extra .

Breast milk storage bags- If you are breastfeeding I would recommend going ahead and trying to store some milk. This makes it a lot easier if/when you have to be away from your baby! I liked these storage bags the best… mainly because they were the best price.
Nursing cover- Now I am in no way saying get one of these so you can walk around the mall feeding because that still weird’s me out but say your in your room at the doctor or even in the bathroom at the mall..still cover your self up- You have no excuse as cute as these covers are!
Lanolin cream- This stuff is feels amazing when breastfeeding hurts. It also helps the nipple shield stay on IF you have to use one.

*side note-- if your baby does not immediately latch on and they try giving you a nipple shield try your best to keep trying WITHOUT the shield! They gave one to and then Collins could never figure out how to feed without it and when she was crying hungry and I'm trying to get the shield on she would knock it off... Just a huge pain in the ass!

Dr Browns bottles- we love these although cleaning out all of the parts is a major pain in the ass. They are great because they have the vent system in them to help your little ones no drink air which would cause fussiness and gas... And you will have enough of that so no need to cause more.
Bottle Brushes- yes I am sure you could just buy a dish brush but these things were made for bottles, they fit them the best, and they are super cute.

Formula divider- these are great because you can go ahead and have whatever number of scoops ready for on the go feeding.

GAS DROPS- just go ahead and put these in every bottle!

Bottle rack- you will need somewhere to dry out your bottles. They make all kinds and any will work!

Burp cloths and receiving blankets also work great for spit up and somehow you will a quire like a million of those blankets without buying any? I'm still not sure how that happened.
As far as high chairs we got the Eddie Bauer high chair because we liked the way it looked. However after using it we hate it. There is no padding so Collins hits her head on the back wood part too much. 99% of our feedings don’t happen at the table so were not getting a different one but just something to look at!

I never used any type of bottle warmer because I didn't want get Collins in the habit of warm bottles and then be screwed if I got somewhere and didn't have a warm bottle. That’s a shit show I didn’t want to deal with…Same with diaper warmers in my opinion.
I'll end with my adorable chunk eating at different times
Her first bottle.
sweet baby feet :)
First baby food...peaches (bad quality pic--Iphone sorry!)


katie ridings said...

I loved the breast friend, it was great for when you weren't feeding too!! haha

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