Thursday, January 24, 2013

What to register for

So far I have gotten to go help 2 of my pregnant friends register. Its so much easier now that I actually know what to look for, what actually works, and what are seriously essentials! Collins is only 10 months old and there is already so much new stuff out that I am jealous about! Since I've gone to help I decided to post what I think every registry needs. I have discovered with car seats, strollers, play yards, and high chairs there is A LOT more to consider and I honestly dont think you can figure that out until you realize yours isnt working so you are either stuck with a piece of crap or having to go spend money on a new one. Either way it sucks so hopefully I can help some people not have to buy doubles! Im going to try to put the registry stuff in categories as much as I can!

I was going to try to put this all in one post but after realizing how much that is I have decided to split it up.. so Ill start with the easiest... The Nursery!


Aden + anis swaddle blankets- These are the best swaddle blankets..and I am so jealous of all the new designs! Im a fan of anything aden + anis so you will see them on here a lot!  These also make good “blankets” for summer babies because they aren’t thick but you wont get rude looks from old woman having a tiny baby out without a blanket. (yes you will get those looks and comments even in Alabama in june?!)

Easy Swaddles- I am so jealous of these since they are new but anything to help making those middle of the night re swaddling easier after a feed will be great!!  There are also the “swaddle me” brand that work good too im just a fan of the thin/softness of Aden + anis.

Serenity Star- Ok so I just got this and am in LOVE with it! I wish I would have known about it from day one since it has a “feeding diary” so you can record/ display the last time you fed and which side if you are breast feeding…AMAZING!  Is is also a sound machine (that will go longer than 30 min like most if you want) It does also have a 30 or 60 minute cut off. It is a night light that glows white as long as the temperature is ok for a baby to be sleeping in.. HOW CONVIENIENT IS THAT? It glows red or blue if the room is too hot or cold!! It also can be plugged in or runs on batteries so you can travel with it.. I LOVE THIS THING!

aden™ by aden + anais® Muslin Comfort Issie Security Blanket—These are too cute not to include and tiny enough for your newborn to look so sweet holding.  Collins has like 5 ha!  They are also small enough to throw in the side of you bag and work as burp cloths that aren’t as rough feeling on babies faces.

Angel care 3-1 monitor- I like this because it is a video and sound monitor & a movement monitor !  It has an under-the-mattress Sensor Pad that will detect your child's movements and an alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds! That helps when your too scared to stop staring at your sweet baby sleep! .. All the SIDS talk will have you so worried!

Diaper genie- For all the stinky diapers.  We put pee diapers in the regular trash so we dont go through a million refills and we have only gone through 2 boxes of the refills in 10 months!

You will also obviously need the basics such as a changing pad and cover, crib bedding, and organizational baskets and such for all of the random little things.  Aden + anis now have crib sheets and changing pad covers that are so soft and so cute! I got my changing pad cover from an etsy shop!

**A friend told me to keep a hamper or basket to throw clothes in when Collins out grew them and this was some of the best advice I got.  You normally realize they have out grown something once its half way on them so you just grab something else out of the drawer and throw the outgrown one where ever (honestly back in the drawer to keep everything looking clean).  So if you have a basket or whatever you can throw the outgrown clothes in there and then when its full pack them all in a container or do whatever your planning on doing with out grown baby clothes.



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