Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Registry... part III

This post is pretty much all the random other essentials (or so I thought). My mind goes in a million different directions so sorry if I kind of jump around. Also, later I am going to post random things we ended up needing/ using a lot but I wouldnt not say you HAVE to register for them. They are things that wont be needed at first so use your registry to get all the new inital things your going to need!

1. A baby bath- this was really hard for me when I was registering because I didn't want any of the stupid theme looking tubs. I didn't know about the 4moms   tub until Collins was a couple of months old but wish I would have because its seems so cool! A little $ but totally worth it! It has a color-coded digital thermometer to show you the water temperature which helps because we were so scared about her water being too hot at first that I'm sure we froze our poor child! It also is designed to use with running water, and filters out the dirty water! When your babe is ready for a big bathtub, the spout cover can still be used ( and your going to need one of those in a couple of months). Another good tub for when you first get home is the blooming bath. It's so cute but not as practical since it won't last very long.

2. 4moms Breeze- ok so this has been my FAVORITE baby purchase yet! If you have not noticed I'm kinda obsessed with anything aden + anis and anything 4moms. This play yard is beyond worth the little extra it cost compared to others. You push 1 button and it opens, pull 1 tab and it closes. The first one we had stayed in the exact spot we first put it because moving it was not an option unless I carried it assembled.  If we had any other playyard i would have already ended up getting pissed when I tried to put it together, breaking the play yard, and throwing the piece of shit across the room. So if you listen to anything listen to this--this thing is AMAZING... Plus it's black and teal.. My favorite... Everything should come in teal.

3. Uppababy Cruz- I had NO clue where to start or what The differences were when it came to registering for a stroller. I registered for the safety 1st stroller that went with the car seat we registered for and I do like it. HOWEVER the uppababy Cruz is what we're getting now. The main thing I like about it is your little one can be rear facing! Collins HATED being in a regular forward facing stroller so most of the time I would end up holding her, pushing the stroller, and getting really pissed of that I even brought my stroller in. The Cruz is very light weight and so cute! The vista  is another good stroller that can be used for 2 kids.

4. Summer Infant Super Seat - So we got this after we had our bumbo.  Dont get me wrong we loved our bumbo and I think for the younger ones the bumbo is great.  However Collins got bored just sitting there (and her thighs got a little to chunky) so we got this seat.  It was great! It is a good seat positioner, with more thigh room but it also has bun activities for the little one!

5. 4 momsMamaroo-  We didn’t have one of these because I didn’t know about them until Collins was 3 months and at that point I didn’t want to spend the money.  However this thing is AMAZING.  Collins hated the swing we had and LOVED this when we used our friends.  If we have another we will for sure buy this. Another good swing options would be the new Graco swing that I think is a lot like the mamaroo!

6. Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper-  This is what we used when we brought Collins home and it made breastfeeding so much easier.  Collins could be in the bed with us but since the sleeper is metal we didnt have to worry about SIDS.  Its also good in the living room or anywhere else during naptime and easy to take if you have to travel!

7. Vicks Rectal Baby Thermometer - This is the only way Justin will take Collins' temp because he is so worried about using a regular one.  You should take your childs temp rectally until they are two so its good to go ahead and get in the habit.

8. Activity/ tummy time mat- You will need a tummy time mat so you can get one like this which we did. However I reccomend going ahead and getting a bigger activity mat that includes the "tummy time cusion" or whatever because Collins liked the activity mat a whole lot longer.  And on the subject of tummy time... Dont worry if your little one hates it and just screams the entire time.  I freaked thinking she was never going to learn to roll over or crawl.. she did both early! So Im not saying dont even try tummy time but just dont worry if it doesnt really work.  


sara said...

oooo that baby bath looks awesome! Especially after checking out a few of the youtube videos for it. I've been going back and forth over which type to register for (I'm also not a huge fan of the gimmicky/themed) and this one looks pretty promising. Will it be good to go for a newborn, or would you recommend also getting something like the blooming bath for those first few weeks?

Brandi said...

It has a newborn insert so I would just get the 4moms if it were me. We did get one of these http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00006AKYK?tag=au001-20 that we put in the sink the first week or so before the bath!

sara said...

Thank you :)

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