Wednesday, February 27, 2013

When to change the nursery?

I absolutely LOVE Collins' nursery. Its seriously my favorite room in the house. I remember going through maybe a million different nurserys on pinterest and project nursery and having the hardest time trying to figure out what I wanted to incorporate into our nursery. After blowing up Justins phone with way to many a lot of pictures I finally picked what I actually wanted to use, and fell in love with the end result.

This was honestly the hardest part... who knes wall decals were such a pain in the ass?


This is from the day we got all of the furniture in... the shelves are full of books and crap now :)
We also had the changing pad on the top of the dresser (under the hutch part) and have now taken it off since we dont use it to change her anymore.  So as much as I love the nursery Im trying to decide at what point we change it? I know we wont convert her crib into a toddler bed for another year or so but I still feel like we should change some parts of it into more of a "big girl" toddler room.  Ok so maybe I am mainly pushing for this because i HATE the dresser in her room and am trying to convince Justin we need one with more drawers/ storage becuse the one we have just isnt working!  Im thinking something like this would work
but if we do that (and get rid of the hutch) we will obviosly need somewhere for books and other "display" items we have out now. 
Im thinking...
 or #2
However I cant decide if we should go ahead and do all this (before converting her bed) or if it will be a waste and Ill want to change things one we convert her bed again?!  Either way it going to take a lot of begging convincing since we still cant get her to sleep in the crib in her room an entire night. 


katie ridings said...

I love it, its gorgeous!! I'm not sure when the whole nursery change up happens but I don't think you should just yet :)

Sarah and Derek said...

I just found your blog and I have a Collins as well and their rooms are very similiar. so crazy!!

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