Wednesday, January 16, 2013

40 weeks and counting. . .

Lately it seems like all of my friends have found out they are pregnant. . .apparently I had Collins a year too early! With all the prego friends I have been getting a lot of questions and find myself remembering random things about being pregnant or feel like they really need to know about bringing home a newborn! So instead of sending random text messages trying to explain random things to them I decided Ill just get back to blogging and hopefully can make all the pregnant and new baby questions a little easier.  So to start with I figured I should post things I found important or life savers while I was pregnant.

Now dont get me wrong... I love the end result of my pregnancy (I mean who couldnt love this face)

However I personally HATED being pregnant.  I will honestly never believe the people who say they "Love being pregnant" . . . yea thats bull shit.  What is there to love about 10 months (dont even get me started on why 40 weeks is refered to as 9 months) of being hot, fat, and bitchy? So my list of prego must haves will probably focus more on the not so fun sides of pregnancy but if were being honest even the people who "love being pregnant" have to admit parts of it suck....
1. Tylenol-  ok so we all know Tylenol doesnt really do anything for headaches but its all you can take while you are pregnant.  So go buy a bottle...maybe it will work like the placebo effect?..and speaking of the headaches...
2. Humidifier-  Your sinuses go CRAZY when your pregnant.. I almost always had a headache.. & yes I did still drink caffeine while I was prego. If I would have had a sinus headache and caffeine headache no one would have been able to tolerate me.  I went ahead and got a cute dehumidifier that I wanted to use in the nursery.  You can find it here Humidifier .
3. Zantac-  Im not sure if you can have this your first trimester but I had horrible heartburn while I was pregnant.  Ive never had it before and luckily have not had it since but zantac went everywhere with me while I was pregnant.
4. Gap cami's - I loved still love these.  They are great for pregnancy and post pregnancy!
5. New panties- for some reason I didnt even think about this until none of my panties felt comfortable anymore.  I had to go buy a million pairs and these  were my favorites.
6. Maternity jeans-  You can find these anywhere and like regular jeans you will decide which ones you like for your body.  However I would suggest ebay.  I bought all my maternity jeans except one pair off ebay and they all came new with tags and I didnt pay more than 15$ for any of them.. this includes a pair of Joes maternity jeans!
7. Benadryl-  another medicine to keep while your pregnant! Benadryl is good for sinus issues or any rash/ itching during pregnancy.  Hopefully no one ends up with the weird itching issue I got my last few weeks but it was complete HELL.  I had to get induced at 37 weeks because the itching got to severe. Even after Collins was born it continued for a couple of weeks.  Again I hope you dont have to go through that but if you so Benadryl is safe.

8. Ponytail Holders- and I dont mean so you can throw your hair up because you feel too lazy to get ready.  These are to extend the time you can wear your regular jeans.  Just loop it around the button and through the button hole, then back around the button... Gives you a little extra time before buying maternity jeans

9. Belly laughs & The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy- These books are HILARIOUS. Everyone thats pregnant these should be a requirement.

As if the stress of knowing you have a baby on the way isnt enough... you cant even have a drink to help you relax anymore.  That was another adjustment to make.  I found "mocktails" to be fun and help you not feel like a fat, underage, moody bitch all the time.  Preggatinis is a good book with tons of good non alcoholic recipes.  Here are a few examples from Unrulylittlethings :

Im sure ill think of more useful info but this seems like a good start.  Ill leave you with some other thoughts on pregnancy... :)


Alissa said...

Love this Bran!!! Please keep blogging like this!!!

Jessica Jarrell Poore said...

Love real advice mama blogs!

katie ridings said...

I totally feel you on the "love being pregnant stuff". I love my little one, but I couldn't wait till he was here. The nasuea, waddling, sweating, feeling insecure & yucky!! Sucked!!

Vanessa said...

I'm not even pregnant anymore and I love this!!!!

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