Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pump the breaks!

I have spent the past two or so weeks now with one constant thought in the back of my mind (if not the main thought).. We have a 1st BIRTHDAY to plan.  I mean Im not sure where in the hell this year has gone but we have now passed 10 months so I for real have got to start planning this party. 

Who is this toddler and Where did my baby go?!
It’s funny because I remember When I was taking Collins' 3 month pics I remember saying to Justin "She is 3 months which is almost half a year which we can go ahead and round up to a year--I have got to start planning her party." He just laughed and made some smart ass comment to the point of "God I cannot even imagine what you are going to plan for that." and honestly its probably a good thing he doesn’t sit around trying to imagine the shit going through my mind. With that said in between chasing our little WALKER around all day and then picking her up when she face plants to make sure I don’t need to bring her into the Childrens emergency room I work in, I have had very little time to plan. However I have found the invites I want and theme I’m going with I think. I found them on pinterest of course and just LOVE these invitations found on spearmintbaby

I mean seriously how cute are those invites? Beyond that I feel just as overwhelmed as I did with wedding planning and deciding how to decorate her nursery.  As much as I love pinterest it puts so much in your mind you don't know which one to choose! I mean obviously her party will have a teal theme because everything I can make teal I do.  Its also a good thing I don't have to worry about what she is going to wear since I bought it about a month ago at baby gap- my other addiction.  These are some of the ideas I have found and like.  You can find all of the links on my pinterest board
Her birthday is March 20th and were doing the party on the 23rd.  In case you forgot that is VERY close to St. Patricks say so I definitetly think green beer  green decor/ideas would be fun! ...Justin gets so mad at me when I talk about how much fun she's going to have getting to celebrate her birthday with green beer when she is older but I am just being realistic.
As always here are some adorable pictures of our ALMOST 1 year old.

"Mom Im trying to eat my grilled cheese.  Why are you still taking pictures"

We had our 10month appointment this week since she was sick for her 9m

She wasnt so sure about the snow. She gets that from her mom.



Anonymous said...

I love this!!! So cute - just clean up the language or Big Poppy i sgoing to beat the @#$% out of you bottom. PS - I Love You.

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